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Thanks for visiting our website. Here's some additional information about Dr. Weinberg. He's originally from Chicago where he received his undergraduate education in psychology from the University of Illinois. He then moved to St. Louis, MO to attend Washington University and earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1976. He also spent a year at the University of Minnesota Hospitals where he completed his clinical internship. His formal career began in La Crosse, WI, first working at a community mental health clinic, then private practice, and for the last 24 years as a psychologist in the Department of Behavioral Health at the Gundersen Clinic. He also serves as a Graduate Faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. His career has offered him a broad range of experience in working with children, adolescents and adults. His emphasis has been child psychology, with a specialized interest in working with ADHD children and adolescents, along with other youngsters who are behaviorally challenged. His interest in ADHD has lead him to direct the ADHD Clinic at Gundersen, and also publish articles on ADHD in major peer reviewed journals. In addition, he's conducted dozens of workshops and given many lectures on ADHD to health care professionals, educators and parents. Dr. Weinberg has always had a passion for working with children, and recognizes both the challenges and rewards that this type of work can bring. His years in the mental health field, along with many practical life experiences, has enriched his understanding of human behavior, and also strengthened his skills as a clinician and teacher. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and ideas with others, but also welcomes opportunities to learn from his audiences. Dr. Weinberg prides himself in keeping open and diverse opinions about the contemporary issues that confront the field of child mental health. He strongly believes that enhancing knowledge about human behavior can help us solve many everyday problems and hopefully make our world a better place to live in.

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